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Investigative Services


Licensed, Insured and Bonded
Private Detective License: License #2048


Dottie Conroy - Investigator


Minnesota Monitoring now offers, Investigative Services, as a part of our full menu of Services.


Dottie Conroy has joined Minnesota Monitoring bringing her background as a law enforcement liaison and providing valuable experience in investigations as well as expert insight into a variety of subject matters.


Dottie understands the law enforcement community as she spent over 20 years as an investigator with the Phoenix Police Department and the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.


Dottie worked major crimes, drug enforcement, homicide cold cases and as a Background Investigator with Phoenix Police Department. With the Arizona Attorney General’s Office she worked complex financial fraud cases, vulnerable adult exploitation cases and consumer fraud cases. She has successfully assisted in prosecuting several high profile white- collar crimes,    and was instrumental in investigating several cases that resulted in multimillion-dollar consumer fraud settlements for the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.


Dottie is trained in homicide death investigations, controlled substance recognition screening and testing, bullet impact testing, and FBI Violent Criminal Apprehension (ViCAP- a national criminal database of unsolved violent crime). She has successfully completed multiple interview and interrogation courses; open source intelligence training courses as well as financial crime investigation courses. Dottie has extensive experience in undercover and surveillance work.


Dottie holds a Masters of Education in area of Counseling-Human Relations from Northern Arizona University and a Bachelor of Science in the area of Exercise Science from Arizona State University.





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