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Electronic Home Monitoring


Electronic Home Monitoring is a service provided by Minnesota Monitoring that combines comprehensive case management, thorough program planning, reliable monitoring equipment, timely reporting, and a professional staff to monitor, test, and manage all types of offenders.


Minnesota Monitoring contracts with a variety of agencies to provide electronic monitoring, drug and alcohol testing, case management, field services, and much more. We have proven success managing these services while ensuring an effective community safety program. We also offer several related additional services.


How Electronic Home Monitoring is used:



Home Detention

Day Reporting

Intensive Supervision

Enhanced Probation

Social Services

Voluntary and Family Programs

Electronic Home Monitoring


Monitoring Center

Our monitoring center is located at our main office in Golden Valley, Minnesota. We are conveniently located at 2300 Nevada Avenue North, just minutes out of downtown Minneapolis. Our monitoring center is staffed 24 hours per day, 365 days per year to provide immediate response to violations, inquires, and technical support. Criminal justice professionals staff our monitoring center with experience in the supervision, monitoring, and management of all types of offenders. Each time an offender or agent contacts our monitoring center, the caller will be given extensive assistance with every inquiry.


Case Management

We maintain extensive files on each program participant as well as offer the following services: offender orientation and installation, detailed logging of daily activity, written violation and termination reports, verification on all authorized out-time, program contracts, individualized programmatic assessments, and urinalysis testing when required.



Violations are handled swiftly and thoroughly. Immediate or next day notification is offered. Moreover, as with all of our programs, adaptable violation notification can be implemented based on offender risk or officer preference. In addition, written violation reports are provided, by facsimile or e-mail, within 24 hours.



All staff at Minnesota Monitoring including monitoring technicians, case managers, field officers, and any other staff that work directly or indirectly with offenders, are required to comply and participate in our progressive training programs and specified exercises. We maintain high work product standards and in as such recruit employees with criminal justice or social services degrees and experience.


Expert Testimony

We offer expert testimony for legal entities on any program related matter.


Field Services

We offer field services for offender programs in the following areas:



Drug Testing

Home Visits



House Arrest

E3 RF: Actively monitors offenders using a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter is installed on the offender's ankle and the receiver is attached to the offender's telephone line. The receiver reports when the offender leaves/returns, curfew violations, and equipment status to our monitoring center. The transmitter is shock resistant and waterproof and utilizes dual tamper technology.

Cellular E3 RF: Based on E3 RF's proven capabilities and systems' features, this system offers the same benefits but uses cellular technology rather than a landline.


*innovative new technology now available




The replacement for traditional RF devices.


· Can lower supervising agents’ workload


· More effective supervision


· Pricing comparable to traditional cellular RF


Traditional RF, or house arrest, technology confirms the date and time enrollees enter and leave their home. While this is good information to know, it’s the only information available with this technology.


Supervising agencies now have a better alternative to traditional RF technology with BLU+. This device provides traditional RF community supervision functionality with specific types of GPS functionality.


Alcohol Monitoring

MEMS 3000: Combines continuous signaling radio frequency, visual verification, and remote breath alcohol testing technologies in one fully integrated unit. Moreover, the highly accurate breath alcohol testing will not respond to ketones or hydrocarbons and offers an accuracy rate of +/- .05 percent. It gathers a deep lung sample to provide an accurate confirmation of alcohol ingestion, and renders a quantitative alcohol level, not just pass or fail. The MEMS 3000 is the easiest product for participants and officers to use in the market place today. The unit takes a full color high resolution picture of the participant while testing to insure the breath sample was taken from the participant. Testing on the unit can be either scheduled, random, or on-demand. The test schedule is stored in the unit itself and the unit has a 24 hour back-up battery so in the event of a power outage or phone line failure, the unit will still test the individual. When the phone line is restored the information will be sent to the monitoring center.

**A cellular model is also available where no landline telephone is needed.



SL2: Portable Alcohol Monitor

·         Portable alco-sensor with picture verification monitor


·         No Landline Needed, cellular


·         Uses Verizon SIM Network


·         Uses advanced facial recognition software to verify compliance


·         Test reminders can be sent to a cell phone


·         Gives GPS location for positive/negative breath tests


·         Violations are sent immediately via text or email


·         Small lightweight and portable



BLUtag detects and reports when enrollees jam or shield the GPS signal. GPS jamming occurs when an external source disrupts GPS signals, which can come from a variety of sources. Recent technological advances have made illegal and low-cost equipment available for purchase on the Internet to “jam” GPS signals. Our proprietary algorithm continuously checks for specific conditions indicating GPS jamming over a designated period. If these conditions exist, BLUtag records and reports a GPS jamming event.


GPS shielding occurs when enrollees use an object to block BLUtag’s receipt of GPS signals. Our proprietary technology continuously checks for specific conditions to indicate shielding. If the conditions exist, BLUtag immediately reports the shielding event to VeriTracks.


Stalker Alert - Victim Notification Device

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Voice Verification

E3 Voice is a biometric authentication tool that uses an individual's voice signature to ascertain their identity and compliance with a restrictive regimen. This system supports all languages, local accents and dialects, including native and non-native speakers. The individual voice signature is based on distinct speech characteristics, which are identifiable regardless of the languages or the accents in use. E3 Voice can also be used to automatically verify an offender's presence or absence from a certain location, following an alert received from the E3 RF based electronic monitoring system. Calls can be scheduled, random, or on-demand. The system is cost effective and there is no monitoring equipment needed.

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